By Betsy Mejia   |  September 1, 2018

Who are "Them"? I’m referring to the discount and grocery stores who carry wrapped bouquets at the front of the store for your convenience. Convenience? Park within steps of our front door and it is just 25 feet to our large walk-in floral cooler. (We could only make it more convenient if we delivered to your car.) This is where we keep our freshly cut, recently received assortment of flowers. Guaranteed fresh, our flowers are premium. Source does matter. We’re aware of the circumstances with our growers and trust what we receive is disease and pest free. We know our stock, evaluating each day what needs replenished so you receive stems that are long-lasting. We maintain them at appropriate temps and handle each bloom with care so as not to bruise or bend the petals. We present to you arrangements created by talented Designers with decades of experience. If we don’t have what you came seeking, we typically have 2 Designers on staff to create within minutes what you desire because we have a variety on hand to utilize. Or call ahead and we will have your arrangement ready when you arrive. That is, your personalized arrangement will be conveniently waiting for you. Whether it’s a gift for mom, a bouquet for a first recital or a housewarming arrangement, you can drop in and be out the door within minutes, confident in your purchase and the presentation it makes. We are passionate about our business and know it’s in our best interest to satisfy our customers. How can a store with a tremendous inventory of variable goods give you good quality and service? Yes, they seem to be more affordable, but that’s misleading.We’ve overlooked the fact we deliver 6 days a week. Isn’t this the height of convenience? You make a phone call and it’s in the hands of the recipient today or tomorrow, as you request. You can even place a standing order for the same day each year (never miss her Birthday again).Lastly, I want to draw your thoughts toward the benefits to a community when you shop locally, as opposed to large chain retail stores. Strong locally owned businesses raise property values. They also put their taxes back into your local economy.  With local businesses, it is easy to find out where their profits go. Business owners tend to be resourceful and innovative people. They contribute their time and talents to the community and generally enjoy participating. With this in mind, they imbibe a positive attitude shared with others.

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By Betsy Mejia   |  August 1, 2018

Flowers are the perfect way to express sympathy to those that have lost a loved one. The type of floral arrangement to send depends on your relationship to the deceased. Typically the immediate family selects a spray to accompany the casket. For this, we have books to choose arrangements. Family arrangements typically include ribbons with script words, such as “Mother” or “Grandfather” to honor the family member. Carnations, Mums, Glads, Lilies and Roses are commonly used, but flowers can be chosen according to the Recipients likes or even hobbies. Some choose plain white flowers or muted colors. Why not choose a bright arrangement for someone who had a cheery disposition? The best advice is to pick flowers you think the family will appreciate.Order as soon as possible, allowing time for our Designers to complete your order, as well as the others for this funeral. 48 hours in advance is desired, but 24 hours is fine too. We will deliver right to the funeral home or church for you. You can choose a 3 sided arrangement in which the flowers are featured to the front and sides. This type of triangular arrangement is usually presented on a pedestal. Larger arrangements can also be in wreath or swag form and hung on slight easels. Our Designers are often aware of what has been ordered for local funerals and know the preferences of funeral directors, therefore, can be trusted to use their discretion.Sympathy flowers can be sent directly to the home of the grieving family or friends after the funeral service. A gesture that shows you care. In a year, consider sending a memorial arrangement to let the family know their loved one has not been forgotten.Flowers are welcome at the memorial service in the case of cremation. Arrangements are displayed alongside the urn.A gift of flowers will bring comfort at a time of great sorrow.

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By Betsy Mejia   |  July 23, 2018

Sunflowers, with their large faces, are a popular choice to use in arrangements - and masterpieces. Here they are featured in Van Gogh's Sunflower Series  They earn their name not only by their sunny appearance, but also, while in the field, they turn to face the sun (Heliotropism). Sunflowers symbolize adoration, loyalty and strength. In other cultures, they have different meanings. For example, in China they symbolize long life, good fortune and vitality. For Native Americans, they represent harvest, bounty and provision. Provision? Yes, the seeds were eaten/ground, pigment derived from the flower and its oil used medicinally. Additionally, the stems were used for flotation. Inca Priestesses wore the bold bloom as crowns in worship rituals.Sunflowers are traditionally used in arrangements celebrating a 3rd Wedding Anniversary.Archeologists believe sunflowers were domesticated/cultivated before corn. There are 70 species in the genus Helianthus, including the Goldie, also known as the Puffball sunflower.  The traditional color yellow symbolizes vitality, intelligence, happiness and friendship. However, sunflowers can vary in color from creamy white to deep red. And they can vary in height as well, from a dwarf size upward to 16'

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By Betsy Mejia   |  July 11, 2018

Flowers freshen up the interior décor of your home, bring cheer, add life and the scent is delightful. Flowers make a room appear more inviting and allow you to express your own style. You can coordinate the colors of the flowers with your décor in a mix or go monochromatic. A contrasting color would be bold and capture attention. Blooms of similar hue to your wall or furniture are lovely accents. You can flank a sofa with matching arrangements on end tables or place one on a pedestal in a dull corner. Gather tiny bottles, add one stem to each and display as a collection on your dining table. On a mantel or shelf in your family room, set a mirror behind your arrangement for twice the appeal. Get creative and examine ways to display lively blooms with hooks in your entry. Don’t limit yourself to these living spaces. Flowers add romance to the bedroom and wouldn’t your bathroom benefit the most from a small fresh arrangement? When considering your container, first identify your style. Should it be industrial, traditional, chic, vintage or country? Maybe an eclectic look with varying vases would suit your style. Display arrangements of various heights and fullness if it pleases you. Some flowers even add a bit of humor with their peculiarity. Stop in or call and we can help you in your selection of fresh flowers. We can arrange them according to your direction or you can tap into your creative side and arrange them yourself. Why should we have all the fun, right?

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By Betsy Mejia   |  July 5, 2018

You’re engaged! Congratulations! Now you’re knee deep into planning. Of course, we can prepare the perfect flowers, but did you know we can also help dress the Groom and Groomsmen? We offer tuxedo and wedding suit rental with no appointment necessary.

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By Betsy Mejia   |  June 23, 2018

It was love at first sight! You couldn’t resist. He was such a lovely shade of green; so glossy. You were delighted to see he was reasonably priced for his large size. His tag read “Ficus”. Such a fun word, you repeated it to yourself aloud. You purchased a pot in a hammered stainless steel to match your décor. You took him home, securing him in the passenger seat and you named him “Evan”.It’s a month later, Evan has lost his zeal for life. Leaves are falling off and he isn’t responding to your singing. You’ve watered him religiously every day; what more can you do?DON’T DESPAIR! We’ve got some advice to offer on houseplant care. First, that perfect spot on the coffee table isn’t ideal for Evan and you’ve been over-nurturing with water. Most houseplants only need watered when the top soil is dry to touch. Water needs to reach the bottom roots of the pot, but be careful not to over saturate (succulents and cacti are exceptional and only need watered every 2 weeks generally). Brown or yellow tipped leaves are indication of a poor watering habit.When you first purchased Evan, you should have noted on the care tag whether he preferred direct (high, medium or low) or indirect light. If he’s not thriving where he is, move him (a Ficus likes to be near a sunny window).Now, let’s analyze the pot. Does it have appropriate drainage to be used for plants, or was it intended to be a container for household items? A pot made of more porous material, such as terracotta, will allow air to circulate through the roots. In time, your plant will outgrow its current pot and become root bound, requiring a larger pot.Also consider a slow-release fertilizer and be mindful of room temperature. Most plants are tropical and prefer temps 65-75.If your misfortune with Evan has discouraged you from owning plants in the future, consider these houseplants that require less maintenance: Rubber Plant, Philodendron, Norfolk Island Pine, Croton, Chinese Evergreen, Dumb Cane Plant and Striped Dracaena.

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