By Betsy Mejia

July 11, 2018

Flowers freshen up the interior décor of your home, bring cheer, add life and the scent is delightful. Flowers make a room appear more inviting and allow you to express your own style. You can coordinate the colors of the flowers with your décor in a mix or go monochromatic. A contrasting color would be bold and capture attention. Blooms of similar hue to your wall or furniture are lovely accents.
You can flank a sofa with matching arrangements on end tables or place one on a pedestal in a dull corner. Gather tiny bottles, add one stem to each and display as a collection on your dining table. On a mantel or shelf in your family room, set a mirror behind your arrangement for twice the appeal. Get creative and examine ways to display lively blooms with hooks in your entry. Don’t limit yourself to these living spaces. Flowers add romance to the bedroom and wouldn’t your bathroom benefit the most from a small fresh arrangement?
When considering your container, first identify your style. Should it be industrial, traditional, chic, vintage or country? Maybe an eclectic look with varying vases would suit your style. Display arrangements of various heights and fullness if it pleases you. Some flowers even add a bit of humor with their peculiarity.
Stop in or call and we can help you in your selection of fresh flowers. We can arrange them according to your direction or you can tap into your creative side and arrange them yourself. Why should we have all the fun, right?

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