By Betsy Mejia

August 1, 2018

Flowers are the perfect way to express sympathy to those that have lost a loved one. The type of floral arrangement to send depends on your relationship to the deceased. Typically the immediate family selects a spray to accompany the casket. For this, we have books to choose arrangements. Family arrangements typically include ribbons with script words, such as “Mother” or “Grandfather” to honor the family member. Carnations, Mums, Glads, Lilies and Roses are commonly used, but flowers can be chosen according to the Recipients likes or even hobbies. Some choose plain white flowers or muted colors. Why not choose a bright arrangement for someone who had a cheery disposition? The best advice is to pick flowers you think the family will appreciate.

Order as soon as possible, allowing time for our Designers to complete your order, as well as the others for this funeral. 48 hours in advance is desired, but 24 hours is fine too. We will deliver right to the funeral home or church for you. You can choose a 3 sided arrangement in which the flowers are featured to the front and sides. This type of triangular arrangement is usually presented on a pedestal. Larger arrangements can also be in wreath or swag form and hung on slight easels. Our Designers are often aware of what has been ordered for local funerals and know the preferences of funeral directors, therefore, can be trusted to use their discretion.

Sympathy flowers can be sent directly to the home of the grieving family or friends after the funeral service. A gesture that shows you care. In a year, consider sending a memorial arrangement to let the family know their loved one has not been forgotten.

Flowers are welcome at the memorial service in the case of cremation. Arrangements are displayed alongside the urn.

A gift of flowers will bring comfort at a time of great sorrow.





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