By Betsy Mejia

September 1, 2018

Who are "Them"? I’m referring to the discount and grocery stores who carry wrapped bouquets at the front of the store for your convenience. Convenience? Park within steps of our front door and it is just 25 feet to our large walk-in floral cooler. (We could only make it more convenient if we delivered to your car.) This is where we keep our freshly cut, recently received assortment of flowers. Guaranteed fresh, our flowers are premium. Source does matter. We’re aware of the circumstances with our growers and trust what we receive is disease and pest free. We know our stock, evaluating each day what needs replenished so you receive stems that are long-lasting. We maintain them at appropriate temps and handle each bloom with care so as not to bruise or bend the petals. We present to you arrangements created by talented Designers with decades of experience. If we don’t have what you came seeking, we typically have 2 Designers on staff to create within minutes what you desire because we have a variety on hand to utilize. Or call ahead and we will have your arrangement ready when you arrive. That is, your personalized arrangement will be conveniently waiting for you. Whether it’s a gift for mom, a bouquet for a first recital or a housewarming arrangement, you can drop in and be out the door within minutes, confident in your purchase and the presentation it makes. We are passionate about our business and know it’s in our best interest to satisfy our customers. How can a store with a tremendous inventory of variable goods give you good quality and service? Yes, they seem to be more affordable, but that’s misleading.

We’ve overlooked the fact we deliver 6 days a week. Isn’t this the height of convenience? You make a phone call and it’s in the hands of the recipient today or tomorrow, as you request. You can even place a standing order for the same day each year (never miss her Birthday again).

Lastly, I want to draw your thoughts toward the benefits to a community when you shop locally, as opposed to large chain retail stores. Strong locally owned businesses raise property values. They also put their taxes back into your local economy.  With local businesses, it is easy to find out where their profits go. Business owners tend to be resourceful and innovative people. They contribute their time and talents to the community and generally enjoy participating. With this in mind, they imbibe a positive attitude shared with others.

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