By Betsy Mejia

November 6, 2018

The month of November is filled with Birthdays in our family from beginning to end. A month of thankfulness as we acknowledge blessings with Birthday candles blazing. Among those annual celebrations, we gather to share our Thanksgiving meal too. There's a lot of preparation. First, a head count. Then shopping and cleaning before we get around to baking and cooking (I don't want to think about the mess). The table centerpiece, I admit, has been my last thought. Typically, I'm rounding up items from different areas of the home to weave in and out of steaming dishes. This year I'll be intentional and create something nice just for the occasion. Although I know it's not necessary, the effort will surely add to the ambiance and those people I consider so very special will feel special. It won't be what I casually display at the center of the table through the season, but rather this arrangement will express the message "I'm glad you're here!" 

Flowers speak unspoken words and designate occasions as exceptional and out of the ordinary. Share some flowers as you gather to share stories and spend time together this month. Give flowers to a thoughtful host who has opened their home to you. And don't forget to send flowers to those who aren't able to join you so they know they're thought of. Let flowers represent the fullness of your gratitude.

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