By Betsy Mejia

January 1, 2019

Put away the reds of Christmas and usher in the color white for January. White flowers come in a variation of tones and brightness establishing depth in an arrangement. The dramatic shapes of different flowers make it interesting. Consider a white arrangement with accents of muted or dusty greens. We have arrangements that beckon you to touch and fresh scents inside your home will lift your spirits as you slowly turn the pages of your calendar. Place your arrangement (away from heat sources like lamps) where you can examine and enjoy the natural features of each stem while the winter winds whip around outside. We will provide you with an additive for the water to extend the life of your arrangement. Changing out the water and making new cuts to your stems (as instructed on the additive package) will ensure its longevity. Bring your vase back to us to be filled with fresh blooms, or call us for delivery.

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