By Betsy Mejia

February 1, 2019

As we anticipate Valentine's Day, our thoughts turn hopeful that we'll be the recipient of some lovely flowers from an Admirer. We don't give any thought to the Growers who provide these blooms during the bleak winter season. While many of the winter and early spring cut flowers are grown outside the United States (in South America), growers across our country have developed methods to keep production going. The growing season is extended.

The most common method is the use of greenhouses. Likely these greenhouses are simple structures for protection with little or not heat. Here, crops are protected from weather conditions, insects and disease. By controlling heat and light within these modest structure, Growers can produce large, healthy flowers. Sections of the greenhouse can have varying light and temps depending on the needs of the plant grown in that area.

In the greenhouse, flowers can be planted directly into the ground, in pots of soil mixture or in hydroponic trays with just water and some nutrients. These soil-less trays allow for easy harvest. Bulb crates are also used for Lilies, Tulips and such. The advantage of using plastic crates is the ablility to move them around. Because they can be stacked, they're space-savers. However, many Growers feel ground-grown crops are the best quality. Purchasing from American Growers is a smart choice for wholesale floral suppliers and subsequently, the Consumer receives premium flowers.

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