By Betsy Mejia

April 1, 2019

May Day Baskets are a forgotten tradition the staff at Artisan Floral would like to see revived. May Day, celebrated on May 1st, was once considered a Holiday. On this day, people would gather flowers (a result of April Showers), arrange them in pretty paper wraps or cones, and hang them on the doors of neighbors and friends. It was a charming way of welcoming Spring and a widespread practice. It was also a gesture of courtship for a Suitor to hang a May Day Basket on the door of his perspective Bride. 

It occurs to me this act of acknowledging the onset of warmer weather, or blooming romance, is as delightful for the Giver as the Receiver because of the anticipation.

We have a month to give thought and assemble items for contemporary May Day Baskets, but first we need to consider who our Recipients will be. Neighbors, particularly elderly, would enjoy such a thoughtful surprise. Teachers would feel greatly appreciated to find a basket on their classroom door. Your close Friends and Co-Workers would feel encouraged upon receiving one. In general, the community surrounding you would feel lifted by your effort.

After determining who your Recipients will be, you can mindfully gather containers and items to fill them. Of course, flowers (real or silk) are to be the primary focus, but you can include other goodies you know will appeal to them. In our Store, we carry gourmet chocolates and gift cards for the Cafe, as well as gift items and containers. 

Complete your Presentation with a "Happy May Day" tag and make your delivery! If it seems like too much fun for one person, enlist a Partner or Partners to help.

As an alternative, you can call our shop and order a floral arrangement or gift basket to delivery to anyone you feel would enjoy the unexpected surprise!

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