By Betsy Mejia

June 1, 2019

"Exotic" describes a plant that is foreign and not naturally found in a certain area. "Tropical" is used to describe a plant from a warm climate. Can a plant be both exotic and tropical? Yes! Can a plant be exotic and not Tropical? Yes! But all tropical plants are exotic. In our Northwest corner of Ohio, far from the Equator, we can successfully grow tropical plants and flowers in controlled environments. We might even be fortunate to have a perrenial tropical flower survive a winter outdoors and produce blooms mid-summer. 

Our store inventory is primarily composed of exotic and tropical plants. In an arrangement, cut exotic flowers bring a dreamy, fragrant ambiance. They create a longing for warm sun and relaxation. Let them be the inspiration for a themed party. After your tropical party, you can send a plant or bouquet home with your guests (along with care instructions we provide you). They'll continue to be reminded of a good time. Some blooming plants to consider are Bromeliad (pictured), Anthurium and Peace Lily.

We also carry silk flowers of excellent quality, such as Birds of Paradise and Orchids. You can use arrangements of silk year after year - that's a lot of parties!  They'd also look great on the porch or patio!

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