Personal Flowers

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Personal Flowers

We would be delighted to help you make your wedding day ideas come to life!
We have included a few bouquet designs to inspire you.

For an inquiry on your specific wedding flowers, send the following information to AND call us to let us know you sent us an email so it doesn't get buried in our spam folder (419-636-2648).

1. What you will need - bouquets, boutonnieres, any other floral arrangements
2. Your color pallet. Include any pictures of dresses. ALL dresses must be already purchased.
3. Style of flowers. If you have been looking up pictures on Pintrest, etc, include some of those pictures!
4. Venue - Must already be secured
5. Flower budget 



Personal flowers become a great part of your bridal accessory that accentuates your beauty. Choosing a Bridal Bouquet is time consuming, the colors, the styles, the over all look and feel makes for a hard decision. Here are some Bridal bouquets that will inspire you. 


You can also personalize your Bridal bouquets with momentos from loved ones present or past.

When we place the bouquets with the Bridal party, the flowers pull everything together.



Let us help you select from a wide variety of florals. 

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